Herb and Spice Gardening

My journey as a gardener began because I fell in love with the aroma of an Herbes de Provence while on a vacation in France. So, in my early 20’s, I set out to grow my own ingredients to make that lovely mix at home.

Now, 20+ years later, I garden on about 1.5 acres. I grow hundreds of different plants for food, beauty, and ecological diversity. However, because herbs and spices literally and metaphorically opened the garden gate for me, I created this special page to share experiences with these life-changing plants with you.

I hope this information will connect you with all the fragrant, flavorful cultures around the world as you grow your garden and your gardening skills.

General Information

How to Grow Exotic Spices for Self-Sufficiency At Home

Harvesting, Preserving, and Propagating Spring Herbs

2-Minute-Super Simple Dried Herb Processing and Preservation Solution (on Pinterest)

How to Plan an All-Purpose Herb Garden

How to Create an Exotic Edible Landscape in Your Greenhouse

Seed Stratification: A Comprehensive Guide to This Seed Germination Trick

20 Easy-to-Grow Spices You Can Grow at Home

12 Underused Herbs Every Smart Gardener Should Know and Grow

Why You Should Have a Herb Spiral and How to Build It in 4 Steps

How to Propagate New Plants with Minimal Work Using Layering

Many Benefits of Mints and Their Surprising Versatility for Gardeners

Herbs and Spices by Plant

Annatto, Achiote, or Lipstick Tree

Basil Varieties

Cilantro and Coriander

Fenugreek: Growing Fenugreek: Plant Varieties, How-to Guide, Problems, and Harvesting

Garlic: Growing, Harvesting, and Curing Garlic (with video)

Ginger: Growing and Harvesting Ginger at Home (with video)

Gochu: How to Grow Gochu (Korean Chili Peppers) for Gochujang, Fermented Food Fight Over Kimchi

Horseradish: Growing Horseradish: How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Horseradish

Mustard: Growing and Harvesting Mustard for Spice

Poppies: Growing Poppies for Decorative Seed Pods, Spice, and Beauty

Saffron: Growing, Harvesting, and Curing Saffron at Home (with video) and also Growing Saffron: A Complete Guide to Planting and Taking Care of Saffron at Home (on Morning Chores)

Sesame: The Secrets of Sesame (with video)

Plus… I also wrote a whole book on growing spices with help from herbalist Lindsey Feldpausch, RH and illustrator Greta Moore!

Grow Your Own Spices