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Epicureanism isn’t a dogma or a religion. It’s named after a long-dead Greek philosopher (Epicurus) whose writings were lost in a fire. We think he liked to eat olives and chat about good living with a group of his nature-loving and deeply thoughtful friends in his garden.

In truth, at this point, his ideas are more of a “gist” or loose “framework” of a philosophy that’s been adapted many times over thousands of years to make it mesh with the times. I can sum up how it applies to my life in a single sentence.

Epicureanism is pleasurable living by way of moderation.

I personally think this simple idea is the antidote for many people grappling with the all-too-common problem of “languishing”. When our lives are filled up with more than we need to be happy, we have no room for deep, meaningful enjoyment. If you limit your pursuits and quantities to the point where they remain pleasurable without being toxic, you can find the happy medium.

I’m not trying to sell you anything or to brainwash you into my cult. Frankly, I’m a hermit who writes, gardens, walks dogs, and serenades my goats. And I’d much rather stay home with my partner Matt than lead anyone anywhere.

I really just want to live in a world where more people enjoy life and treat each other well. I also want us all to live in ways that aren’t devastating our shared environment… especially when all that excess resource use isn’t making us happy.

Once upon a time, I was languishing. When I got serious about finding my way out of that malaise, I came across a lot of free resources that helped. So, in that same spirit, Epicurean Living Magazine is my gift to anyone looking for inspiration to enjoy more pleasurable living through thoughtful moderation.

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I’ve also written a few posts that fall under the Epicurean Living category. These might offer some insight or inspiration for your journey.


Food is, of course, a critical focus of Epicurean Living. It nourishes so much more than our bodies. Our relationship with nature, to each other, our appreciation, and our pleasure in living well are all deeply connected to how we grow, raise, serve, and mindfully enjoy our food.

Here are some food related posts to help deepen your connection to the things that feed your body and soul.