Everyday Potager

A potager is a garden intended for continuous harvest. Instead of going out to buy vegetables, you can walk out to your potager and find what you need fresh daily. It’s also a beautiful place, designed specifically for your pleasure, that connects you with nature and keeps you grounded in a complicated world.

Starting a Potager

This 10 post series is intended to help you design, create, and harvest your own personal potager.

  1. Starting a Homestead Potager
  2. Plan Your Homestead Potager Garden Location
  3. Pathways For Your Homestead Potager
  4. Homestead Potager Garden Bed Design
  5. The Homestead Potager Garden Design
  6. Constructing Your Homestead Potager
  7. Plant Your Homestead Potager
  8. Harvest and Succession Plant Your Homestead Potager
  9. Easy Composting for Your Organic Garden
  10. The Power of a Well-Planned Potager

Advanced Potager Skills

In your second year and beyond, as a potager-style gardener, there are lots of things you can do to expand your skill, your garden area, and your food production. These posts are meant to help you move further along the potager path.


The posts in this section include tools such as calculators or pest management information to help you keep your garden growing its best.