Hello Gardeners and Aspiring Gardeners!

This page is a curated list of some of my gardening articles to help you navigate through this broad topic. However, I’ve written hundreds of articles on gardening for many different organizations. So, if you are looking for something not shown in the lists below, please also check my Books/Articles/Media page.

Environmentally Beneficial Gardening

Gardening is a big term that has a lot of possible meanings. Personally, I garden as a form of environmental activism and because I love good food and enjoy working with nature. I’m focused on growing edible and medicinal plants, supporting wildlife, and returning carbon to the soil in beautiful ways. If that’s what you are here for, then these articles might be just what you are looking for!

My latest book Weed-Free Gardening is also all about building a deep and meaningful relationship with natural systems while having a fantastically productive and beautiful garden.

Potager/Vegetable Gardening

If your focus is to grow fruits and vegetables in earth-friendly ways, life-enhancing these posts can help.

Starting a Potager

This 10 post series is intended to help you design, create, and harvest your own personal potager.

  1. Starting a Homestead Potager
  2. Plan Your Homestead Potager Garden Location
  3. Pathways For Your Homestead Potager
  4. Homestead Potager Garden Bed Design
  5. The Homestead Potager Garden Design
  6. Constructing Your Homestead Potager
  7. Plant Your Homestead Potager
  8. Harvest and Succession Plant Your Homestead Potager
  9. Easy Composting for Your Organic Garden
  10. The Power of a Well-Planned Potager

Advanced Potager Skills

In your second year and beyond, as a potager-style gardener, there are lots of things you can do to expand your skill, your garden area, and your food production. These posts are meant to help you move further along the potager path.


The posts in this section include tools such as calculators to help you keep your garden growing its best.

Spices and Herbs

Saffron Stigmas Ready to Harvest

My journey as a gardener began because I fell in love with the aroma of an Herbes de Provence while on a vacation in France. Even more than 20 years later, I still find herbs and spices to be some of the most lovely, interesting, and useful plants of all. I hope these posts will connect you with all the fragrant, flavorful cultures around the world as you grow your garden and your gardening skills.

General Spice and Herb Stuff

Spices and Herbs by Plant

Plus… I also wrote a whole book on growing spices with help from herbalist Lindsey Feldpausch, RH and illustrator Greta Moore!

Grow Your Own Spices