Make Thyme

Bad pun, I know. But today, I have thyme and lots of it! Plus, it’s Easter Sunday and sunny. What better way to use my thyme than to reap an abundant harvest.

I know the thyme is right because the sun is warming the tiny but potent leaves. Their savory, citrusy, spicy aroma is noticeable before I even step into the garden.

Plus, the predicted rain for last week never happened and these thyme leaves are dry to the touch. That makes today the perfect thyme!

Since thyme is money saved, I take my scissors and cut anything that doesn’t fit the thyme line.

I’m greedy with my cuts, taking my thyme. But I don’t want to kill thyme, so I don’t cut into the woody bits that won’t regrow. I also know that if I am brutal now while it’s still fairly cool, thyme heals all wounds and the plant will regrow quickly in these conditions.

Since thyme flies (away in a gust of wind), I collect my harvest and carry my thyme saving efforts to the house. There, I set my thyme on a platter to let it dry in on its own thyme frame. The aroma fills the room. It lingers on my fingers.

In thyme, a week or so from now, the leaves will break off the brittle stems with the slightest touch.

Then I can rub them off, pick out the large stems, and sift out a few more.

Now seriously… there’s never enough thyme! There’s not enough thyme in the world. Especially when it’s thyme for dinner. And you can bet I’ll be serving thyme tonight!

If only we could save time in a bottle.

It is the thyme you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

Happy herb gardening!

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