Weed-Free Gardening, Superfood Gardening Summit, and More Posts Soon!

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry… I disappeared again! It’s been a fabulously full summer. So many amazing, unbelievable things happening! I’ll be getting back to regular posts soon. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you some updates on why I’ve been missing in action so long.

Superfood Garden Summit!

I was invited to be a speaker at the SUPERFOOD GARDEN SUMMIT, streaming live for free July 21-24. I’ve been learning from the host, and mastermind behind the event, Stacey Murphy and some of the speakers on the list for years. So, it’s a huge honor to be counted among them! Hope you can join us.

Weed-Free Gardening Book

I’m also just about to wrap up the manuscript and photography for my next book:

Weed-Free Gardening: A Comprehensive and Organic Approach to Weed Management

As many of you know, for the past 7 years I’ve been strategically using weedy type plants to regenerate land so degraded it was even short on weeds in the beginning. Now it’s a lush edible paradise for us, our livestock, and wildlife.

I’ve also created several low maintenance, highly productive cultivated garden areas in locations that were once unbelievably weedy. It took some trial and error, but that process I figured out simple (but targeted) organic tools and techniques for weed-free gardening that I’ll share in detail in the book.

Thanks to these experiences, I’ve become a big advocate of using weedy plants for soil restoration. Not all weeds are good guys, of course. Some are detrimental to ecosystems and need to be controlled. So, you have to know your weeds well to be able to use them in meaningful ways. Detailed Information on weed reading and building garden health using that knowledge is also a focus of the book.

Weed-free Gardening is my attempt to share my love for weeds and their utility in regenerative landscaping for climate change resilience. But it’s also a how-to-guide for respectfully, showing weeds their way out of the garden long-term when their work is done or their services aren’t needed.

In the meantime, trying to make this the best and most comprehensive guide to weed-free gardening that I can is the big reason I’ve been out of touch so long. Once I get this sent off to my brilliant editor Jessica Walliser (author and co-founder of the must-visit website Savvy Gardening) then you’ll see a lot more from me here, on Instagram, and at other upcoming events!

The release date is for Weed-Free Gardening is scheduled for March 2022. Don’t worry, though, I’ll share some insider tips before then, particularly as we head into fall.

I hope your gardens are thriving and vibrant and that you are too!

Epicurean Living

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  1. Weeds have always been the enemy. Good weeds? I need to learn more. Can’t wait to read your book!

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