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With my new book, Grow Your Own Spices, coming out soon (and already available for pre-order from many booksellers and on Amazon), I’ve been doing talks and interviews to get everyone excited about growing spices in 2021.

So, today I want to share a link to a 2-hour course I taught this week on Growing Spices.

Free Spice Gardening Course

This course was presented to Master Gardeners and Extension office employees in my state. It’s geared toward experienced gardeners and some details are specific to North Carolina. But even for new gardeners and non-North Carolinians, there’s a lot of universally useful spice growing information to help you get started.

Additionally, I shared my process for researching spice plants. I think those basic concepts can help gardeners gain greater intimacy with any plant, not just spices.

You can view the whole recorded course below.

Note! Please excuse the number of times I say “um”! I mostly talk to goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and of course Woodford, my pet turkey these days. So, I’m out of practice at talking to humans outside my immediate family.

Check out the Book Reviews!

Also, for those of you interested in buying the book, you can check out the pre-sale reviews coming in on and on

These are honest reviews, from real readers (who don’t know me). They share the good stuff… as well as what’s lacking in the book. From what I’ve seen so far, these are quite accurate – even the constructive comments. I genuinely appreciate these readers sharing their opinions to help everyone make informed book buying decisions.

The realities of writing a book are that it’s a complicated dance between what you want to include and what you can actually afford to include given the budget for word count, photographs, illustrations, and publishing costs. So, a few things mentioned, I also wished I could have had fit in — but simply couldn’t.

Thankfully, I also write blogs, do talks, and make videos. As such, you can find lots of additional information on spice and general gardening, homesteading, and more — here on this blog.

Plus, don’t forget I have lots of links to articles I’ve written on my books and other works page. You can also follow me on Instagram @exploresimplestead where I post short cooking, project-related, livestock, and gardening videos and images regularly.

Thank you so much for visiting and stay tuned for lots more information to come!

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