The Power of a Well-Planned Potager

Do you want your garden to produce food even with 4 weeks of neglect in extreme heat and dry weather? Then plant a well-planned potager garden.


Starting a Homestead Potager

I strongly believe that all in-ground homestead vegetable gardens should be "potagers". Potager is a French word that embodies the idea of both a functional kitchen garden and a beautiful space that allows for creative expression and cultivation of your gardening skills. Potagers have lots of vegetables, of course. However, they often include plants to… Continue reading Starting a Homestead Potager

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Garden Dreams and Compost Calculations

Are you dreaming of a big, beautiful garden full of lush, tasty vegetables and fruits? Can you image the smell of a ripe tomato or of the earth as you carefully loosen pounds of perfect potatoes from your rich, loamy soil? Do your future beans, corn, and sunflowers climb 12 feet in the air and… Continue reading Garden Dreams and Compost Calculations