Start Homesteading

If you are new to homesteading, this blog is meant to offer you ideas and information to help you start homesteading using simple steps.

Although the posts can be read independently, each post and each new skill builds on the information that has come before. For the full experience, read the posts in sequence like chapters in a book.

  1. Simple Homesteading Starts Now
  2. Seed Starting
  3. The Importance of Observation
  4. Recognizing Resources
  5. Garden Dreams and Compost Calculations
  6. Simple Vermicomposting
  7. Less Trash + More Bokashi = Garden Love
  8. Starting a Homestead Potager
  9. Plan Your Homestead Potager Garden Location
  10. Pathways For Your Homestead Potager
  11. Homestead Potager Garden Bed Design
  12. The Homestead Potager Garden Design
  13. Constructing Your Homestead Potager
  14. Plant Your Homestead Potager
  15. Harvest and Succession Plant Your Homestead Potager
  16. Easy Composting for Your Organic Garden
  17. The Power of a Well-Planned Potager
  18. Start Raising Chickens Simply