My name is Tasha Greer. I’m an “Epicurean homesteader” and writer focused on simple, sustainable living.

I’m the author of Grow Your Own Spices: Harvest homegrown ginger, turmeric, saffron, wasabi, vanilla, cardamom, and other incredible spices — no matter where you live. This book is not just about growing spices, but also about growing your gardening skills so you can expand your food production and enjoy even more delicious homegrown food!

I garden on about 1.5 acres and grow a large variety of annual and perennial edible, medicinal, and ecosystem support plants. I also keep ducks, dairy goats, chickens, a pet turkey, worms, and (occasionally) pigs.

I teach classes in my community related to edible landscaping and organic gardening.

When not growing food, cooking, or composting, I’m likely rocking on the garden swing with my partner Matt Miles, surrounded by our two dogs and four cats.

I created this website to share some of my experience homesteading for pleasure while increasing self-sufficiency. I also want to let people know that homesteading doesn’t have to be all hard work. It can be easy, relaxing, joyful, and satisfying. It’s even possible to do it with limited inputs of time and money.