The Eternal and Existential Question – Who Am I?

Call me Tasha, or Tasha Greer if you’re one of those people who likes to use last names. I’m an “Epicurean homesteader” and writer focused on simple, sustainable living.

I’ll give you a free signed copy of my book if you can guess what’s going on in this photo.

I’m the author of Grow Your Own Spices: Harvest homegrown ginger, turmeric, saffron, wasabi, vanilla, cardamom, and other incredible spices — no matter where you live. It has lots of info about beginner and advanced gardening techniques so you can expand your food production (for more than just spices). Honestly, it’s a beautiful gardening book and even has practical herbal medicine tips and stunning illustrations from my friends Lindsey Feldpausch and Greta Moore.

I also make a living as a writer, so please, please buy my book (available from booksellers everywhere – just ask/search)!

I garden on about 1.5 acres (okay maybe more like 2 acres) and grow a large variety of annual and perennial edible, medicinal, and ecosystem support plants. I also keep ducks, dairy goats, ducks, chickens, ducks, a pet turkey, DUCKS, worms, and (occasionally) pigs.

Oh, did I mention I keep ducks? Yes – I love ducks. They have a way of winning your heart with their sideways glance. Really, I don’t think you can trust a person who doesn’t WANT those nosy busy bodies digging around in their backyards?

Makes you wonder what not-so-dark and loamy secrets they’ve got buried there…

I also teach classes in my community related to edible landscaping and organic gardening. Lately, I teach classes online too. So, if you want to hear me speak with obsessive enthusiasm about composting, growing garlic, spice gardening, cooking easy but amazing food, or whatever else I am fascinated by at the time – you may not need to drive to Surry County, North Carolina.

When not growing food, cooking, composting, writing, or admiring my ducks, I’m likely rocking in the garden swing with my partner Matt Miles, surrounded by our two dogs and four cats, and…about 50+ ducks. (Of course, I also likely have a glass of fine artisanal-crafted herb/spice-based cordial or homemade elderflower champagne in hand.)

I created this website to share my experience homesteading for pleasure with people like you — who care about homemade, homegrown, home-based fun. But I’m not a social media guru who collects followers like grains of sand on a beach with my incredible marketing savvy.

You can expect me to act like a uniquely flawed human – and not some branded/polished version of myself – on this website.

Real Homesteaders Have Dirty Hands. Well, honestly, we’re dirty like everywhere, like almost all the time. Between barn cleaning, gardening, enjoying nature, and not wanting to waste precious living time in the shower, it just comes with the territory.

Welcome New Friends!

Let’s Simplestead Together!