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My books are available from booksellers everywhere!


These eBooks were written for and are available from The Grow Network

  • Raising Backyard Chickens for Eggs, Meat, and Fun!
  • The Ancient Art of Making Vinegar
  • Simple & Effective Watering Systems for Livestock
  • Hydration Handbook

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Articles for Thrifty Homesteader

This is the resource rich website of homesteading expert Deborah Niemann author of Raising Goats Naturally. She’s also the host of the Sustainability Book Chat and For the Love of Goats podcasts.

Articles for Morning Chores


This is an awesome site for all things homesteading with lots of information from homesteaders around the globe. You can check out my posts listed below or just head to

Calculators for Homesteaders and Gardeners


Poultry (Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys)


The Homestead Kitchen

Miscellaneous Topics

Articles on Mother Earth News


The ABCs of Homesteading Series

Articles on The Grow Network (TGN)


The Grow Network, led by the fearless Marjory Wildcraft, is the host of the Homegrown Food Summit. They also have tons of great information on homesteading, gardening, personal health and wellness, and home herbal health care. They gave me my start writing about homesteading and making videos and have been like family to me over the years.

Organic Gardener’s Tool Kit Series

Vegetable Growing Guides

CBD Series

My editor at TGN asked me to do some in-depth research into CBD and write an articles series on it. I don’t use CBD and am skeptical of many of the claims on applications. As such, these CBD posts are are not advocacy-based, they’re just an examination of the issues.

Miscellaneous Subjects