I love to write about Epicurean homesteading because this is a beautiful and environmentally beneficial way to live that I believe can benefit so many people. Plus, I’ve lucked into some awesome writing opportunities such as working with The Grow Network, Mother Earth News, Morning Chores, and publishing two books (Grow Your Own Spices and Weed-Free Gardening) with Cool Springs Press.

But, my deepest passion is for writing fiction! I like to explore worlds I don’t inhabit. On that front, I’m currently in the process of editing three novels that I’ve written to get them ready to send out to agents of publishers. (If you know any who are interested in ecofantasy… send them my way!).

Also, I have a substack newsletter that I am using as a sandbox to play with themes, test out writing devices, and just blow off some steam with short fictional works.

The stuff you’ll find over there is what I call “semi-autobiographical fiction”. That means most of it will be completely made up. For kicks, though, I also weave in details from my real life and thoughts. That format was inspired by Richard Powers’ Galatea 2.2 and also the fact pals who have read my work always assume that certain parts of my fictional stories were modeled on my real life events when they weren’t! So, I thought it would be fun to embrace the idea of mixing the real with the made up on purpose.

Episodic Editorials