Soul Mates

Once upon a time (circa 2010), I spent 9 prolific months writing 5 novels. I pick them up every so often and start to edit them. Then I remember why I never “finished” them.

Writing is fun, but editing is a pain. Also, 13 years later, I am a much different writer. When I start to edit, I end up entirely re-writing until I realize I’m losing the thread and it would be easier to just start a new story…

Needless to say, since I’ve decided I’m not even remotely cut out for the kind of work it takes to actually sell books after being published, I’ve been short on motivation to get back to work on my early fiction. But my mom and sister keep asking (read: nagging) me to share them.

So… I’m doing some very light editing and putting them up on my Yumpu page – one chapter at a time (in the old serial tradition).

Chapter 1 of Soul Mates is now up. This is my shortest work (83K word count for the entire manuscript) and it was originally supposed to be part one of my Soul Projector series.

Warning! I am a grown up. So on top of being poorly edited, there’s also plenty of foul language, sex, and my main character has a bit of a bad attitude (until you get to know her). Read at your own risk.

Mom and Tonya – Consider this your early birthday present! You were my original readers and have always been my biggest fans. So, I suppose I do owe it to you not to just let these stories sit idly on an external hard drive tucked away in my office closet.

Also, for my Word Weaver crew… you might remember a few of these characters too!

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