Announcing My Weed-Free Gardening Book Tour!

Weed-Free Gardening is causing quite the debate in the garden world! People everywhere are wondering if it’s actually possible to have a weed-fee garden. And I’m talking about people who haven’t even heard of the book and don’t even know it exists!

The idea of a Weed-Free Garden is, of course, completely ridiculous. Plus, when you use quick fixes (even organic) to kill weeds, you only guarantee that your garden will have more weeds, less healthy plants, and terrible soil in the long-term.

That’s why my book is called Weed-Free Gardening! This book is about the active process of gardening in ways that will make weeds easier to manage with less work, by creating more beauty, developing better relationships with nature and natural systems, and having lots more time to sit back and enjoy hanging out in your garden.

Right now everyone is posting about how real garden fatigue is. By August they’re so exhausted from keeping up with their gardening. They just want to let the weeds swallow their spaces, so they can sit back and sip cocktails instead of gardening.

Let me just tell you… clearly they haven’t read and used my book!

I’m not the least bit fatigued by gardening. My garden is 1.5 acres in size, highly productive, stunningly beautiful, and only takes me an hour or two of work per week to keep up with! I spend way more time making Instagram reels and writing posts than I do on garden chores.

If you want to do a lot of work and suffer garden fatigue every August, you are welcome to. But if you’d rather cooperate with nature and be real about gardening with less work instead of more exhaustion, check out the new tour of my book Weed-Free Gardening!

Here it is!

I know… you were expecting me to announce a big grand book tour, with me traveling around the world to sell, sign, and talk about my book. That would be fun… but let’s be serious.

There is no way my goats would let me leave for that long! They rely on me to scratch their hard-to-reach places every day.

Plus, I have countless beautiful seating areas scattered around my sprawling homestead because I’m a homebody who likes to sit outside and sip tea, fine homemade wine, or cocktails in my low work garden rooms!

Of course, I still want to share ideas and interactions with all of you. So, that’s why I made you a personal video tour of the contents of the book and around my landscape.

Also, my pet turkey Woody (Woodford) is quite the Instagram favorite. Since I know how much you all love seeing him, I took Woody on tour with me as I made this video. Watch for pop-up appearances from that beautiful Bourbon Red heritage breed turkey “tom” (code for male turkey).

I’d also really appreciate if you’d share my “book tour” with all the readers, gardeners, environmentalists, biologists, nature lovers, and homesteaders you know. (Or just share it with everyone you know in case they know someone like that!)

In the meantime, if you are suffering from garden fatigue, do this.

  1. Scatter sow a seasonally appropriate cover crop to give yourself and your soil a little vacation.
  2. Find a comfy place to sit down and do some relaxing garden reading!

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