A Quick Hello!

Thanks to the Superfood Garden Summit – I noticed a lot of new readers signed up to receive updates this weekend. So, I wanted to say hello and welcome all of you new friends to Simplestead!

I’m a bit of a recluse and with good reason… I live on a lovely homestead with my life partner Matt Miles. I take care of my 81 year old dad who is less mobile these days. And I’ve also made environmental commitments to drive less, garden more (to sequester carbon), and to basically live in the slow lane – doing less/enjoying more to reduce the impact my lifestyle has on our shared environment.

So most of the traveling I do is virtual. But that doesn’t stop me from getting to interact with some amazing and inspiring people (like all of you)!

Sustainability Book Chat

Recently I also got to hang out with Deborah Niemann (via Zoom) to chat about Weed-Free Gardening on her Sustainability Book Chat Podcast. She and I share a love of goats, chickens, ducks, and all things homesteading. And we always have a great time chatting about those topics. This last conversation was no exception!

If you get a chance, check out our conversation about all sorts of things (including why a large white dog named Luna would be featured in a book about Weed-Free Gardening)!

Also check out my Books and Media page to see the full list of chicken, duck, and other articles I’ve written for Deborah’s wonderful website Thrifty Homesteader and access the links to our other chats on Grow Your Own Spices and extended lactation for dairy goats.

I also wanted to share a sneak peak at the upcoming Epicurean Living Magazine. Here’s a page from the issue in progress!

Sample Page

I never know how long it will take me to finish an issue because part of living in the slow lane means not setting artificial deadlines or rushing creative and pleasurable processes. Of course, certain things — like planting at the right temperatures and in time for plants to mature before a frost — require deadlines. But quite a bit of stress can be avoided just by taking your time and enjoying the process rather than forcing it.

In the meantime, you can access past issues on my Epicurean Living page. Please feel free to share them too. These are my gift to anyone who might benefit from simple ideas on making life more pleasurable without spending a lot of money.

Simple Savings

Speaking of money… as a homesteader, I’m pretty insulated from the inflation taking place out there right now. But I suffered through multiple recessions before becoming a homesteader and can still remember what it feels like for wages to stagnate while costs skyrocket.

I wrote a post a few months ago called Simple Savings that includes ideas that might help take the pain out of the pump and off the pocketbook.

Living with Complexity

Finally, publishing this post on the heals of a monumental Supreme Court Decision, and knowing that there’s a lot of frustration out there over the loss of women’s rights, I also can’t let this go unwritten.

I wish we lived in a world without violence, where women weren’t unequally financially penalized for having children, where every father was equally invested in childcare from pregnancy to adulthood, where women weren’t at risk for dying or having severe health consequences as a result pregnancy complications, where all parents were supported by safe and loving communities that helped them successfully raise children, where every child was born healthy and without addiction, and that all children could receive the medical attention, familial love, daily nourishment, regular care, and equal education necessary to grow up learning how to be the kind of parents and citizens able to offer that kind of service and care to others in their adulthood.

Until then, I hope that we can embrace the examples of the great historical figures who offered those in need solace, kindness, and care rather than cruelty and meanness (e.g. Jesus, Mother Theresa, and Gandhi). May we choose compassion, love, and understanding over judgement, hatred, and righteousness.

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