2022 Super Food Summit!

Hi All!

I want to let you know that the Superfood Garden Summit is back by popular demand! It’s airing LIVE June 22-25 and it’s free of charge. And I’ll be joining 15+ other speakers to share tips, tools, and trainings to help you grow superfoods at home.

“Superfood” is one of those terms we use frequently about foods we know pack a potent nutrient punch. But frankly, just about any food you grow at home will be more nutrient dense and potent than the grocery store equivalent.

That’s because food harvested fresh, picked at its peak, from your organically-managed garden is more wholesome than food that had to travel hundreds to thousands of miles and been on display for days!

Plus, as I wrote in my post “For better health do this one thing”, just the act of harvesting and relating to plants and your garden environment offers a host of health benefits you simply can’t buy at the grocery store.

That’s exactly why my good friends at Grow Your Own Vegetables are hosting the Superfood Garden Summit so that health-conscious people like you (and me) can get MORE from a lifestyle of fresh food.

You can watch live for free. Yes – totally FREE! Register here: Superfood Garden Summit.

Here’s the amazing list of presentations happening live over that three day period.

  • Stacey Murphy: Adding Flowers in Your Garden
  • Ocean Robbins: Superfoods That are Super Easy and Fun to Grow
  • Matt Powers: The Miracle of Soil Organic Matter
  • Dr. Trevor Cates: How Organic Superfoods Help Hormonal Balance and Skin
  • Kami McBride: Edible Flower Herb Walk
  • John Moody: The Amazing Elderberry
  • Greg Peterson: Planting Fruit Trees for Success
  • Jason Matyas: Starting Seeds and Care for Seedlings
  • Marjory Wildcraft: How to Have Fresh Breakfast for Life
  • Tom Bartels: Secrets to Sustainable, Nutrient-Dense Veggie Gardens
  • Jessica Smith: School Gardens for Super Kids
  • Paul Dysinger: The Superfood Perpetual Harvest Hack
  • Jana Bogs: Double the Nutrient Content of Your Crops + Citrus for Cleansing
  • Rob Herring: We Decided to Become Farmers
  • ME! Tasha Greer: Weeds are Superfoods Too (for you & your garden!)
  • Michael Kilpatrick: Choosing Greens Varieties for All Climates
  • Meghan Groves: Engaging Kids in the Garden
  • Gracie Schatz: Spanakopita – Delicious and Nutrition Superfood Feast
  • +++ And More!

This is a LIVE, interactive event. Come get your questions answered and chat with fellow gardeners around the world. Plus enter to win prize giveaways that will help you get the most from your garden!

Reserve your spot today.

Also, just an FYI, you can purchase the recorded summit to watch at your leisure. If you do, and you use the registration links in this post, I’ll get a percentage of that payment as compensation for creating this presentation. But you are also welcome (and encouraged) to watch live at no cost!

As a homesteader, I am less impacted by things like gas and food price increases than most people. But I’m aware of how much things cost these days and I really hope that all these great presentations will help you get your garden going, or growing better. That way you’ll be less impacted too! (Also, if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, also check out my post on Simple Savings.)

Hope you have a wonderful June in the garden! I also hope to see you at the summit later this month!


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